Why Choose a Video Studio over a Location for Your Next Shoot

Written by Sam GeigerFebruary 6, 2020

Choosing to use a video studio vs. a location for your next shoot comes down to having greater control over your production, while opening up more creative flexibility.

But, before we begin, what do we mean by a location? A location in this context is a place that fits the parameters of the production of a film, television, web, corporate or music performance and where the performance is captured.

Now, let’s consider how the elements of a video production will vary between the video studio and shooting “on location.”

Sound: A soundproofed video studio makes it very easy to capture clean sound, leaving less work to the sound mixers when producing the final cut. A location is prone to unwanted noise filtering in from various sources including passers-by, weather elements, vehicles, etc.

Lighting: A video studio eliminates unpredictability of lighting conditions, as the lights are all artificial and can be controlled, adjusted as needed, or set permanently. With location shoots, and the use of natural lighting, sunrise and sunset times restrict the time available to shoot scenes.

Environmental Control: The possibilities of unknown factors obstructing a shoot are all but eliminated when a video studio is used. On location, there is the need for street or building closures, along with crowd wrangling of curious bystanders during filming. Smaller factors such as stray animals, unhappy neighbors or debris, all stand a great chance of being part of the cast if not carefully handled.

Security: In a secure video studio, equipment can be left until the next day, which makes resetting for the first shot of the day easier. On location, all equipment must be packed up and stored until it is necessary to unload and setup again.

Logistics: The logistics involved in a video studio are simply easier – equipment can be easily loaded/unloaded, managed and moved around. With locations, you may face the need to procure permits to carry out certain scenes and arrange stunts, in addition to the basic nightmare of finding parking.

Special Effects: You can create fantasy and do both the imaginable and the unimaginable easily with a video studio, especially when a green screen is involved. On location, you are limited to the existing environment, plus, safety must be considered when dangerous stunts are involved where there is no control over the components.