“Wide World of Wales,” the seventh episode of Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney’s documentary Welcome to Wrexham filmed in its entirety at Samson Hicks.


Ryan Reynolds is no stranger to our stages. And we are super pleased with every new appearance and production he and our friends at Maximum Effort make at Samson’s flagship Hicks stage. So here’s the story of Welcome to Wrexham Season 1, episode 7…

Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney took over a Welsh “football” (soccer) team. Welcome to Wrexham is a documentary they’re producing about their experience. In this episode the two tell the “little known” story of Wales including its dialect and food from the kitchen set on stage where they prepare Picau ar y Maen – a typical Welsh cake. The whirlwind tour of everything Wales culminates in an historic event… a transformative moment after which Wales and its people would never be the same again…

Four sets were built, with six looks in total in just two days including all the lighting with Maximum Effort Producer Brooke Loonan and Director Bryan Rowland leading the cast through the production and delivering a very entertaining show. Samson partner Rich Barbadillo was the LD with Samson’s Illo Lighting supplying the gear.

“Two days solid to build and light… one day to shoot… Ryan Reynolds’ production company Maximum Effort returned home to NYC for the shoot. Simply phenomenal.”


This production was super fun and massively entertaining – as is everything Maximum Effort bring to the stages.
Like Maximum Effort, we look forward to seeing you do your most imaginative creative at our stages and are committed to making it the studio experience you’ve had. Talk to us about your next project. #imaginesamson