4 Things to Consider Before Renting a Film Studio in Brooklyn

Hunting for the right shooting location is a critical aspect of the TV and Film industry. Whether you are shooting the company CEO or a TV broadcast, you need a film studio in Brooklyn that’s fit for purpose and flexible. But, this is easier said than done. There’s a lot to master to spot that perfect film studio in Brooklyn that improves the video quality and brings it to life. But how? This is what many people in this position ask. In this blog, we will answer the query and help people discover the best spots for any video needed. Locality Where precisely is the film studio in Brooklyn? You’ll find a few places that list themselves as central venues but really aren’t all that central. Or, indeed, predominantly close to where their name suggests. So be sure to check the location wisely.  It may be in the perfect place but it might similarly be harder to get to than you think. Soundproof Not all film studios in Brooklyn are created equal! If you need to record sound be sure to check the space is appropriate for this. Fashionable hardwood floors and bare brick walls may look fab on camera but will wreak havoc if you are trying to capture working audio. A lot of hard surfaces and no protection sends sound waves bouncing all around the room, giving the audio a thin, echoed sound. Logistics How do you plan to get to and from the film studio in Brooklyn is just as important? Are you bringing all your own stuff? How are your crew and contributors going to get there? You’ll need to think about what requirements the studio has for vehicle parking and public transport nearby. Remember you could save valuable budget if you don’t need to lay on taxis or transport for everyone involved in the shoot. Additional services What extra support or services does the studio offer you? Contingent on your situation, or the details of the project, you may need advice about lights, camera equipment, or even a full crew to conduct the shoot. Booking your crew and equipment from the studio itself can sometimes provide a significant cost saving. You may wish to ask about any post-production services too. Live Streaming your shoot is also an option at some studios, which is particularly useful for corporate or training applications. So think about these angles when searching for your perfect film studio in Brooklyn.

We hope this assists you in making a better selection when shopping around for Brooklyn studios.

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