6 Tactics for Submitting Scripts to Film Production Companies in New York

Before you even begin thinking about sending anything to film production companies in New York, let’s assume you have completed writing a new script, and you think it is prepared for submission. Before referring your work to anyone, make sure it is revised and properly formatted. Do not send your work out typed in a Word document. As an alternative, we highly advise investing in a program such as Final Draft, Fade In, or Movie Magic Screenwriter.

Just as actors must invest in high-quality headshots, writers must take note of the look of their product as well. Using the industry-standard font Final Draft Courier will highly grow the chances of your work getting read, as it will seem much more professional at first look.

Alongside your full script, make sure you have also written a script treatment and a query letter. A script treatment is a manuscript that specifics the storyline and content of your script. It contains the title, logline, and outline of your work. This treatment is what producers will read to decide if your script is something they wish to read in full. A query letter is a blend of a script treatment and a cover letter that is often sent when emailing corporations with an open submission policy. It announces both you and your work in a one-page, succinct document. Instances of both script treatments and query letters can be found online. Many times, it is best to only submit a script treatment or query letter and to wait for the company to ask for a full copy of the script at a later date.

Now that your structuring is correct, your script is revised, and you have written a script treatment and query letter, it is time to submit your work to a film production company in New York.

Some film production companies in New York only film and television, while others also work in digital media. We recommend starting with the location that is closest to your area to accommodate any future meetings or networking opportunities.

After you have tapered down the list of film production companies in New York that you feel fit the style and medium of your work, make sure you pay attention to each company’s submission policy. Because of the high volume of scripts submitted, many businesses only accept submissions through agents and/or managers. Having a professional in the field to submit your work gives you reliability.

Now that we’ve given you a few tips to get you started, follow the “Six Simple tactics” we recommend creating a list of film production companies in New York. Then do extensive research on your list of production companies in New York and find the one that’s right for you and your special project!

Tactic 1: Narrow down which companies may be interested in your work.

Tactic 2: Find a company that fits your project’s style and medium.

Tactic 3: Surf the company’s website.

Tactic 4: Pay attention to how the company wants you to submit your work.

Tactic 5: Study the company’s list of employees.

Tactic 6: Send out thank-you emails.


Most film production companies in New York won’t even read anything from a script that doesn’t have an agent attached. One thing to keep in mind is to make sure you’re sending your material out to folks who have an interest in it. Don’t send your love story to a horror producer.

No more excuses people. Let’s get it!