Consider THIS before renting an NYC Production Studio During a Pandemic

You’re a filmmaker, a band, influencer, TV producer, vlogger, or signer and you’re looking to rent an NYC production studio for your project. Many creative and artistic individuals know what they want their finished product to look like. And for most New Yorkers thinking about going to an NYC production studio to make it perfect. 

What you have to figure out is what you need, what it’s going to cost and how can you get assistance with your project. Having seen what folks go through in their searches for a good NYC production studio, we know first-hand how exasperating it can be. Although I work with Samson Stages and will be focusing on that facility in this blog, it’s vital to do your research and pick the place that works best for you. Because in the end, making your project all it can be, is the most essential reason to pick the best film production studio in New York for your needs.

As many folks have learned… usually the hard way, it can be annoying unless you do your research about the facility you want to use. Samson Stages in Brooklyn can give you the information you can use in your journey to find the picture-perfect NYC production studio. We always want to make sure you have everything you need, and professionals who know what they’re doing to help you. We may or may not be your last choice, but we want to make sure that your choice is an educated one.

Here is what you should consider before renting an NYC production studio during a pandemic:

Audio Recording Equipment

Always check to see what gear is available for your exact needs before committing yourself to a studio. You want to make sure your recording necessities, be it audio, voice-overs, ADR, and/or scoring are met. If you want to make sure you’re getting your money’s worth, it makes sense to have a professional sound engineer there to help in making your project sound perfect.

Green Screens

Green screens are fundamental to the digital media industry and are always in great demand. They allow the production to record in a steady environment, then add an independently filmed background with ease in post-production —essentially, pulling your subject out of the real world, and placing them over a digital backdrop. Music videos and vlog channels predominantly use green screens for many of their projects.

Sound Stage

At many facilities, when renting a soundstage, you will be asked to pay an hourly rate, and then handed a menu of “a la carte items” you will need for your production or event. Options may include a studio manager, lights, sound, equipment, tripods, monitors, teleprompters, expendables, electricity, and wifi.

Renting an NYC Production Studio during a pandemic can be overwhelming, but it’s less so if you know precisely what you want and budgets in view of that. Don’t be misled by ads showing outrageously low hourly rates before checking to see just what you get. Typically, as the old saying goes — you get what you pay for.

Make sure you will have not only the space you want, but the tools you need, the staff to help you, and all the care you will appreciate in the long run. Find a film studio in NYC you can call home because creating a project is an exercise in willpower and love, an experience you want to make sure is as close to perfect as possible. Keeping that in mind when renting a studio space will help make it easier and a more pleasurable experience from start to finish.