Finding the Right Music Video Studio in Brooklyn

I know it can feel unsettling as an artist to have to search for a music video space in Brooklyn, but it doesn’t have to be or feel that way. 

Ambitious artists have been making their own videos for over a decade now—ever since YouTube became the most popular digital platform for sharing video content. But back in the day, professional equipment was costly and inaccessible to the impatient newbie, which is why the video value often left something to be desired.

But there’s good news!

There are more than enough ways to make the highest quality music video possible. It may not be as professional looking as a $500,000+ music video, but with hard work, research, and the power of the mind, anything can be conceivable.

Below we’ve put two of the best tips for finding the right music video space in Brooklyn.

At Home

Filming at “home” could mean a number of things – it could mean filming in someone’s actual house or apartment, it could mean using the house or apartment of a friend or family member and faking it as one’s own, or it could mean renting a home or apartment altogether.

Again, if you’re using a home location that you own or rent yourself, you have all the permissions you need. The same goes for using a home location of a friend or family member – as long as they’re OK with it, you’re good.

A Brooklyn Soundstage

Sound stages are perhaps your easiest location to get on the books – yes, renting a studio can be costly, but the procedure is relatively simple. Depending on the size of the location you need, renting a studio can cost anywhere from a couple thousand to hundreds of thousands of dollars on a per-day or per-hour agreement.

Pricing also depends on whether you need a simple backdrop or a full studio set.

Brooklyn sound stage rentals are perfect for filming close-ups, product shots, short films, and more. They also help you focus 100 percent on your main subject. Without a busy environment in your background, all your attention is focused on the product or individual, which should be the goal of your music video.

If you’re ready to get started, consider hiring a company like Samson Stages to handle all your production needs. We can take care of the entire process, so you don’t worry about equipment, actors, locations, and more.

Or start scouting to rent a music video studio in Brooklyn for yourself! If you need any help, we can also provide tips and tricks to help you do the best job you can. Give us a call and see how we can help.