How Soundstages can be Used During Covid: Virtual Sets

The Mandalorian has been the talk of social media the past few weeks. While Star Wars has never disappointed what’s most impressive is that the Mandalorian has been filming on a virtual set

Ever since the pandemic shut down main Hollywood productions in March… Still, five months later it’s uncertain when most TV and film jobs will start back up. We know worries about health and safety will disturb how TV and film get made and we are already seeing changes in the works.

The more a film production can regulate its environment — and who enters it — the healthier. That could mean fewer scenes shot on location. As an alternative, everything (or almost everything) could be done on soundstages using high-resolution, three-dimensional photorealistic video backdrops projected onto huge walls of the set itself.

As a replacement for using green screens, the notion is to build a virtual reality that the actors can see and occupy — interiors, landscapes, whatever.

This kind of refined technology already exists for video games and it’s how “The Mandalorian” was shot. The technology coming out of the gaming industry has just been cultivating so much, but with the streaming battles and COVID happening at the same time, everything has been accelerated.

Top Reasons to Shoot Your Film or Series on a Virtual Set

More Resourceful

Shooting your film or TV series on a virtual set makes sense — because it’s way better than shooting a film in the real world. In the virtual world, the crew at Samson Stages has full control over the weather, wind, lighting, landscape, and décor.

In reality, if cast and crew reach a scene and the shots are not fitting for your idea, you’re out a gigantic expense and there’s little you can do to modify anything. With virtual sets, our team can spend ten or fifteen minutes to design your scene so that it equals your vision accurately.

Virtual Allows Shots Not Possible in the Real World

At Samson Stages, our supercomputers are always working to blot out inadequacies in your scene. At an outdated studio or on-location, a low shot looking up in an outdoor scene would need lighting equipment or the ceiling of the stage. Here, our computers mask out those lights and the ceiling for a clear view of the daytime (or nighttime) sky.

We can even shoot 360 degrees. When our cameras look back in the direction of the director and crew, what’s recorded is a continuation of the set. It’s truly astonishing.

For films and T series with finances of under $10,000,000, filming here will make it look like you’ve spent much more on your film or TV production. You’ll be moving from the “low-budget look” to the very high end look while saving money and gaining all of the benefits of virtual.

Contact Samson Stages today and connect the power of virtual for your production. We would like to give you a tour and demo of our beautiful soundstage0 facility. Contact us today.