Technology Video Shoot

Featuring smart technologies with the right tools will shape your end results to nothing short from amazing!

Many types of clients from all sorts of industries come into our studios to film a commercial, do product shoots and more, in the case of our recent client shoot, Popshap, we had to take a unique approach. From planning to set up and all the way to the actual shoot when it comes to their technology which combines hardware and software we had to be creative with both the story and the shooting techniques. Popshap has several products which can be highlighted from a few angles, so in order to capture their capabilities we had to shoot each service, they provide from the hardware point of view which is long distance to a close-up and again with a complete step by step of the software details, this type of shooting resulted in a complete 360 of their product, something that their customers will surely appreciate.

So if we are talking about technology videos or photoshoots, what else should we keep in mind? Well with Popshap and their kiosks you have to consider the time it takes to assemble and set up before you can start shooting and the best placement of their product was with other technology companies who are more software-focused you need to tell a story that relates to the actual product. In both cases PLANNING for your production is key and often saves time and money, making it a successful day at the studio.

Lastly, when clients come to Samson Stages, we offer an elevated experience from Grip Electric Lighting expendables, facilities, and our amazing staff which will do everything they can to ensure a successful shoot.