The Future of Film Post-Coronavirus

The use of CGI may become standard practice.

By Jules Romero | June 17, 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic took the world by storm. Millions of Americans lost their jobs and were forced to stay home. To avoid the risk of infection, social distancing practices are being strongly recommended. As restrictions are now beginning to lift, it’s time to think about the future. Companies and organizations will have to adapt to the “new normal,” which may include enforcing new social practices for the sake of public health. In the case of the film and television industry, we can expect the use of CGI to become standard practice.

What Is CGI?

Computer-generated imagery, more commonly referred to as CGI, is simply the application of computer graphics to create or contribute to images in art, television shows, movies, etc. CGI allows computers to render certain on-screen elements that do not exist during the actual filming. James Cameron’s Avatar is an example of a movie that utilizes CGI generously. It’s how they got the stunning environments and unique Na’vi on screen.

The Problem

Like all responsible business owners, studio executives have begun working on a plan to keep cast and crew safe in a post-coronavirus world. CGI is a big part of that plan. As we know, the coronavirus can spread through contact with infected individuals or contaminated surfaces. When filming movies, actors will need to come into close contact with each other, especially during intimate or fight scenes. How can Hollywood create compelling action scenes while keeping their actors and actresses safe?

CGI: The Solution

Movies such as The Karate Kid, which was released in 1984, spent much of their time on fight scenes, requiring actors to be in close contact.  Today, CGI can supplement or completely replace actors in fight scenes. CGI. With well-produced CGI, you probably won’t even notice that the image is computer generated.

Unfortunately, some actors and actresses pass away before completing a movie. Carrie Fisher, who passed away prior to the completion of the last two Star Wars films, was able to fulfill her role posthumously with the help of CGI.

How Do I Implement CGI?

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