The Return of Samson Stages in the Midst of a Pandemic

The ongoing pandemic and lockdown situations have brought many people to Netflix and other entertainment platforms. With the growing hysteria and chaos, almost everyone has found an escape in the movies, television shows, and other entertainment options. The abrupt closure of the film production industries has left moviemakers in agony and has put a halt to the creative minds of filmmakers and beyond. But, the good news is that the ease in the lockdown and the tireless efforts of going back to normal has ignited the ray of hope in the film production industry. You won’t be deprived of the exciting and interesting movies in the pandemic too as Samson Stages has made its way towards survival in these difficult times.

Intending to fulfill the growing demand for movies, television shows, music videos, and other media projects and to keep the art alive, Samson Stages has announced its return to ease the world suffering from the ongoing panic of a pandemic. After reaching the hallmarks of success in Brooklyn, New York, and establishing two state-of-the-art contemporary studios, Samson Stages has taken the lead by analyzing the changing trends of the world and has ensured all the safety measures which will help the movie industry in the brutal fight with a pandemic. With up to date inventory, lighting equipment, and other modern movie essential technologies, Samson Stages will be your best option as a Film studio in Brooklyn for rent. We will make your crew and staff feel safe and comfortable at our studios by providing you all the space required for your filming along with our fully equipped kitchen, art departments, and dressing rooms. Our crew will help you in keeping up your desired pace by providing continuous support and assistance to your production team.

Samson Stages takes pride in being part of new and exceptional projects and are excited to bring things back to normal. We have installed air economizers in our HVAC units and have taken all the precautionary measures which can keep us all safe from the threat of COVID-19. Anyone who is looking for fully-equipped film studios in Brooklyn for rent can be reassured that your safety will be first and foremost. We are ready to become part of your exhilarating and creative projects as the new boom in production and entertainment unfolds.

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