Tips for Finding Great Film Location Rentals in NYC

Need to scout film location rentals in NYC?

Follow these easy to use tips for success. 

Location scouting is a lot like finding a needle in a haystack –  it takes time and persistence. Take advantage of the following tools and methods to find great film location rentals in NYC for your next film project.

Touching Base with the Local Film Commission

If you’re shooting a big production then chances are you already communicated with your local film office to get film permits. A film commission is also a good place to contact when you are searching for a potential shooting location. Many film commission websites will have comprehensive maps and photos of popular shooting locations in their region. More often than not, the film commission is glad to work with filmmakers coming to their area to shoot.

Get Digital

While having a certified location scout is still essential for big-budget productions, you may be able to virtually scout a location. Using this tactic is also beneficial for doing a preliminary look before you go and see a location in-person.

Here are a few online tools that you can access from your desktop to help you find film locations rentals in NYC:

  • Flickr Map Search
  • Shot Hotspot
  • Shot Hotspot
  • Locations Hub

Bonus: Have a Script

Don’t jump the gun. While you may feel motivated to go location scouting before you have a script it’s best to pause. You don’t want to show up on set and recognize that the pivotal window shot can’t happen because there isn’t one.

Video production has the potential to be a great marketing tool. As you have already seen, finding film location rentals in NYC doesn’t have to be complicated. You just need to be creative in your delivery and we will take care of the rest!