What Film Crews Can Do to Prepare to Return to Set

Film crews and actors can get their “ducks in a row” while still in quarantine so they’re ready to come back and take over when the time is right! Since the start of quarantine, we’ve heard a lot of people in the industry asking, “What can I be doing during this time?” Well, we admire your passion and vehemently suggest these ideas in return. 

Save Money.

Now is a delightful time to be saving some money if you can. Time is money and the more you have, the more liberty you can purchase later. It’s not like bartending is a better notion for your future right now anyhow, regarding bank accounts or health. The majority of my most prosperous film crews are always available. I imagine they have other duties and side gigs, but it’s not our problem and we never hear about it. They’re just always fiscally available and eager to jump on work when fortunate enough to be the chosen one for a gig. Be that individual. Be more available than your competition. Saving any money, you can throughout this time is an asset in your own time and future in the business.

Reexamine your resources.

You’ve got to have “weapons.” These are the tools you need to make sure you are running the best possible production. Entertainment is one of the roughest, if not most competitive, trades in the world. Make sure your equipment is up to date, you should have an assortment of items, and know how to work them all. Make sure your lighting and audio skills are up to par. Is your résumé up to date? Is it easy to spot your most prized accomplishments or exceptional skills? Everything you have control over, take control of. Do it now while you can, so your team and agents have what they need before everything opens back up again.

When you think about it, several of these resolutions are ones we could have perhaps adopted before all this. It’s satirical that it took such a calamity to get us to look at this.